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4 Year Anniversary of My Return to W2

I started playing W2 in February 2016, and happen to remember it was near Valentine's Day.

It's been a crazy journey I could never have imagined.

Re-uniting with my favorite game in the world was like a meteor crashing into Earth, burning brightly before vanishing.

The early days of re-discovering W2 were supremely exciting.

DeathKnight~ and another really fun person were a part of that time. I started to remember why I'd loved W2 for about a decade before I quit "forever" for 5 years but found myself back in Azeroth once again. I was enjoying myself. I was a girl so I admittedly got special treatment. Many better players were banned where I was allowed to play with the best players in private games. I was treated pretty well, at first, actually. The occasional nasty person was easy to ignore.

Then DK got banned and I protested and got launched into activism against injustice and speaking out against mistreatment of new players and bullying and toxicity. All the drama that unfolded over the course of this last 4 years led to me becoming one of the most hated W2 players of all time...because people did not like being told racism is bad or bullying is bad and they certainly didn't like the idea of me playing W2 in a place where they couldn't PM me vulgar, rude messages or threaten to ban me for telling the truth. It turns out I wasn't the only one who wanted to play Warcraft 2 in a friendly environment.

Different people take different roles at different times in your fantasy W2 universe that is actually comprised of real human characters.

Someone you enjoy and game with and laugh with for months and months can turn on you and later become a hateful enemy. It would be easy to become bitter and mistrustful of humanity as a whole, but it's important to remember not everyone is the same.

Some people don't follow the crowd. Some people choose kindness when many others choose cruelty. Some people choose courage when many others choose silence and self-preservation. Some people choose loyalty to the person who's been their friend when others choose to betray and destroy to go along with the crowd.

There will be both beautiful voices and hateful, rude voices throughout your life.

Don't let the voices of others define you. You choose who you're going to be. Don't let cultural or societal trends decide who you are going to be. The masses are so often wrong, like a swarm of lemmings jumping off a cliff one after another to their deaths.

We have to live with the choices we've made, the words we've said, and the people we've hurt.

If you find yourself among people who intentionally hurt you, tear you down, breathe negative garbage into your life over and over, pack up and leave. There are plenty of amazing people on this planet.

There are people who will appreciate you, who will make you smile and laugh and enjoy your life a lot more than people who are constantly angry, negative, toxic, and rude.

It's not easy leaving your comfort zone, but it is esssntial for growth and change.

If your workplace is awful, get a new job if you can. If your friends make you miserable, and talking to them doesn't help, go meet new people, make new friends. There are people you're better off without.

It's better to be alone than surrounded by people who bring only negativity and suffering to your life.

Join a new group, a new sport or club, get out there and find people who bring enjoyment to your life. They are out there. Be open.

What a journey it's been in the world of W2, these last four years. There's been the magic of W2, tons of super fun hours gaming with fun people, and there have been dark days where friends you trusted let you down, when people are rude and hateful, and a time when I thought I lost my favorite game ever for good. But Tupac showed up with a new, empty server at just the right time, and set me in charge of taking care of it.

In a little over a year, it's seen tremendous growth, many visitors and newcomers, and a loyal friendly gaming community that really just enjoys playing Warcraft 2. It's been fabulous. I couldn't happier with how it turned out.

In 2016, I never imagined where I'd end up, as an admin and promoter of a successful, new Warcraft 2 server. It's a little crazy when I think about it. But the need was clearly there. There are tons of people who want a fun W2 rather than one where newcomers aren't able to play and where people can't play in a peaceful and friendly environment.

I want to thank all the War2USA players who make USA server fun and amazing. Thank you also @Tupac for making War2USA possible.

Every successful enterprise begins as a dream. It was your dream to have a better place to play W2 before it was mine. And together we've built a Warcraft 2 paradise.

This is just the beginning. War2USA is the future of Warcraft 2, and I'm filled with gratitude and excitement.

Every person who plays at or supports USA is a valued member from the person who watches us on Twitch to the person who plays multiplayer for the first time ever to the returning player from 20 years ago and the pro who has been a long time RU player but enjoys the wonderful USA friendly, fun atmosphere.

Thank you to all of you for making USA awesome.

See you in game soon. 🙂