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A Message for Equinox

Hey Equinox,

It has come to my attention that you are unhappy at RU but still love W2.

I was in the exact same predicament a little over 2 years ago.

I freakin love W2. No game can top how special and fun W2 is.

There is an easy solution. Play with all the other people who love W2 but are sick of RU corruption and toxicity and lies.

USA people will welcome you. People here will treat you like a person, like you matter, because every single person who plays here matters to us.

The standard icon is no longer a USA flag, and players here can set their own icons by typing /myicon followed by a 4 letter code indicating one of the available icons. That would have been an easy problem to rectify even some weeks or months ago but it was never brought to our attention before you decided to leave USA due to the frivolous reason of not liking your icon.

You can quit W2 or keep butting your head against the evil and senseless RU admins who demonstrate how little they care about players, or you can actually come enjoy yourself and be happy like us. 😉

Best of luck.