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A Rational Look at COVID Stats Amid Hysteria

An interesting article by a Swiss doctor shares a sobering other perspective on the mass hysteria we are seeing with the non-stop media hullabulloo over the coronavirus, later called COVID-19.

Weeks ago, the idea of people getting arrested in North America for leaving their house would have been laughable.

We are all seeing this type of thing for the first time in our lives. Some people who are older and have lived in other countries have maybe seen something that we in our relative comfort, luxury, and ease in North America have never known.

I appreciate the outdoors so much more now.

Sometimes you have to lose something to realize how much it mattered.

With continually tightening restrictions, I wonder about it, about how much push from government people would tolerate before they pushed back.

The things they are talking about are pretty scary.

They are talking about the government spying on our phones in USA and Canada. They are talking about arresting people for going out for exercise twice in one day in UK. In India, people get beaten by police for breaking restrictions.

"Stay home, stay safe."

And that isn't "stay safe from coronavirus" by staying home. It's "stay safe from your tyrannical government" by staying home.

Trudeau and others also want to control the information flow on the news and internet, especially regarding COVID-19. They don't want any backtalk. You have to buy the story they tell you. Any other view but the one they want you to see is not allowed.

Trudeau doesn't care about old people dying.

From one side of his mouth, he wants to "protect the vulnerable old people" by making sure they die with the help of doctors. From the other side of his mouth, he wants to "save the poor old people from death" by sickness.

This doesn't add up.

Over 7000 vulnerable elderly Canadians have been killed on purpose by euthanasia, pushed by Trudeau's government. 61 in Canada have died who tested positive for coronavirus, mainly vulnerable elderly people in nursing homes and hospitals with pre-existing serious health complications.

Only the deaths that support the agenda they want you to believe are highlighted and fussed over. All the intentional killings of vulnerable elderly people don't quite make it to the limelight. Neither do the intentional killings of unborn children in abortions, which continue at a rate of about 275 abortions per day in Canada on helpless human children. Those human lives are ignored.

This whole mass hysteria has nothing to do with saving human life, especially not saving elderly human lives.

How many lives have been lost so far as a result of the mass hysteria and panic?

Nearly 500 people in India died so far from drinking methanol in their panicked efforts to protect themselves from COVID-19.

People are killing themselves.

Covid fear suicide

Another Covid fear suicide

Yet another Covid hysteria induced suicide

People are out of jobs. Children can't get help if their braces bracket comes off since the dentists are closed. People are trapped in their houses day after day, watching their TV screens or computer screens and feeding their fright with a non-stop diet of "case number" and death counts.

Why didn't anyone care about all the old people who died from the flu last year? Where was the hysteria then?

What about all the human lives dying to things other than COVID?

The people are being lied to. People are dying, yes. That's nothing new. We have a consistent 100% death rate. Everyone dies eventually. The human life span is around 80 years. This situation is being used to remove personal freedoms and privacy from North Americans and many other nations across the globe, and to let the government control every facet of life.

Because of the hyper-sensationalized perpetual push of making people fear for safety, measures that would have been unthinkable in North America have already been laid down.

People are being placed at the government's mercy, to be rescued from the crisis caused by the government's insane reaction with money the government is going to forcibly extract from the countless citizens it has just forced out of work, all in response to a sickness that has not been proven to be any more dangerous than other common flu viruses from that also have had a death toll on the very sickly and very old populations throughout history.

I believe that people expecting life to go "back to normal" are in for a disappointment.



#FilmYourHospital on Twitter

People are filming their hospitals and many are finding them empty, in spite of the news constantly telling everyone they are cram packed full of people dying to COVID.

Of course people can't go see the truth if they are quarantined in their homes!

That's why Trudeau wants to control the media so people are only able to learn what he wants them to know (in other words, not the truth!)

I would definitely be one of the people censored by Trudeau (except for we are still comparatively small here), but content-wise, questioning the narrative they are cramming down everyone's throats is a big no-no.

Because according to the fearmongering media, saying these things is the equivalent of murdering old people. Which Trudeau likes to do anyway...

Today's trending message:


And everyone should just ignore the fact that Trudeau kills way, way more old people on purpose than coronavirus has in this country!


What you believe determines how you behave.

If people believe they are in danger of death, they will panic and allow government to take away their freedoms and set up an oppressive tyranny to "rescue" them from an imaginary crisis.

WOOT! I love a good conspiracy theory. This is totally awesome.

Who would have thought that Trudeau had it in him? Not me. But now I am totally convinced that he air-dropped mission impossible style into that Chinese market to hatch his devious plot.

I can fully see the evil grin on his face while he cackled, "Take that! All you immuno-comprimised, cardio-vascularly challenged and diabetic peasants can just die for my diabolical tyranny plan!", throwing hanfulls of virus to either side like a nerdy ninja detonating smoke bombs.

I have contacted INTERPOL with this vital information. I can neither confirm nor deny that they have mobilised Seal Team Six to kick in the doors of Trudeau's house and arrest him with extreme prejudice, but watch the ticker at the bottom of your Fox'n'Friends screen for an update soon.

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.


Condolences to the families of the 51,000 people with COVID19 who have died in the last month - AKA the first month, and still just getting warmed up. 

hf =D


Hey Lamb 🙂

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Let's consider the situation rationally.

56 million people died in 2019. The world was not shut down.

Where are your condolences for all of them?

How about all those killed by legal euthanasia in the same age bracket as corona deaths? How about the millions aborted?

What about the abortion survivors, who survived but are crippled or disfigured or missing an arm?

Death happens. Sickness happens. Always. Nothing significant has changed from last year or the year before in terms of how many people are dying from sickness.

No one should ever have had freedom if losing freedom to total state control like Nazi Germany is any kind of solution.

How many people died so we could have freedom?

And how easily and suddenly it has vanished because the masses have been petrified by nonstop reporting about "cases, deaths, cases, deaths" and are seeing empty store shelves for the first time in their lives.

People who are panicked don't think clearly. That's why this virus is the perfect way to gain control. Civil war in USA is a real threat, as is the collapse of society.

People are already starving on the streets in India because of the lockdown.

If you were out of work and out of food, you would feel differently about a virus.



56 Million people did not die unnecessarily last year because of something that could have been prevented. Tens of thousands of people have already died in the last couple of weeks because of people denying or ignoring or just being to incompetent to deal with the problem

I have seen no hysteria. Actually as someone who still goes to work and deals with the public every day I can say from first hand experience that most people are actually being much more sensible and considerate of others than usual. The closest thing to panic I have personally witnessed lately in real life or in the media is your comments in this thread (but I don't watch much TV).

I think most world leaders right now are just trying to have a lower death toll than the country/state/county next door so they don't look totally incompetent. Without a shadow of a doubt the one place in the world that is doing worse than anywhere else is the USA because they have a weak, divided and ineffective government.

This is not the time blame others or to spread panic about civil wars and govornment plots. Now is the time to suck it up and make a bit of personal sacrifice for the greater good. The suggestion that most govornments are in anything even remotely resembling control right now is ridiculous.

Help your fellow man by doing the right thing instead of fear-mongering because you are unhappy. No I am not yet out of work, but may be very soon. Still, if you are genuinely running out of food I will send money. Seriously.

hf =D

Cases! Deaths! Cases! Deaths! Cases! Deaths!

Fine, arrest, stone anyone to death who leaves their house! Fines, arrests!

Another 89 year old died, therefore the entire world is in danger!

Buy 500 rolls of toilet paper!

Shut down the country!

Force everyone out of work!

Raise taxes!

Cases, cases, cases, deaths, deaths, deaths!

Oh? What? What do you mean people forced out of work are starving in the streets? What do you mean people are committing panic suicide? What do you mean freedom is a thing of the past?

All people must be imprisoned forever because 89 year olds are dying! They really are!!

What? As many 89 year olds died last year from common cold and flu? And the year before? Why are you not panicking about corona, you fear-mongerer! How dare you! Arrest this person!

Between coronavirus and government, I fear the government a lot more than the virus, because there are fates worse than death. Death is something I am more comfortable with than most since I know where I'm going when I die.

Regardless of whether we are gonna suffer under a government tyranny or die to disease, it is a good time to remember the most important thing in the world, the God who made us and loves us, who promised never to leave or forsake his children, who calls all people to repent of sin and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior so when we do stand before the judgement throne of God, we don't need to stand on our own account of all the bad things we've done, but rather by faith stand on the saving work of Jesus Christ and be found covered in the blood of the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.

Nothing else will matter when we stand before the judgement seat of God.

Shooting oneself in the head is a sure way to avoid dying to coronavirus, but it's still not a smart thing to do.

I believe the fallout of the mass hysteria promoted by the elites who planned and rehearsed for this pandemic at Event 201 in Oct 2019 will be worse than the virus itself. There are documents written by wealthy elites discussing how to gain control over populations. A pandemic is listed as one method to make people fearful enough to accept tyrannical overstepping government control. Suicides, depression, starvation, civil unrest, strife, maybe civil war, international war, loss of freedom, and other long term results of this will claim human lives. Not to mention the abortion that continues daily, an "essential" service cures no disease, but kills human children on purpose. A few have survived abortion maimed and disfigured to tell their stories. Needed surgeries are put on hold. People with other health problems are shoved aside. Way more elderly people in Canada have died to legal euthanasia than COVID.

If people set a precedent of tolerating invasive and total government control, even if we return to "normalcy" temporarily after this, people are no longer free in any sense of the word that even matters. Freedom that the government gives you if they feel like it isn't the same as freedom that's yours.

That's the lie they are perpetuating on TV all the time. "SAVE THE ELDERLY. Stay home."

This is all while the government continues to intentionally kill innocent children and vulnerable elderly people on purpose.

So I have good reasons for not believing the government and mainstream media's words of "care" for human life.

WHO OFFICIAL threatening to come into homes and take away people's children by force "to protect from infection".

People are being instructed to snitch on other people for violating orders to surrender all freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

A doctor's perspective on the global shutdown who thinks it's a BAD idea.

A doctor with 30 years experience who has been filling out death certificates for years speaks up about how COVID death certificates are being falsified to provide unreliable stats on how many people are actually dying from COVID as opposed to testing positive while dying of old age or other serious health problems.