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Catch Me if You Can

I didn't actually watch this recently but thought it's about time I write about one of my favorite movies!

This is one of the few movies I own that I like to watch time and time again.

It's a great time while also being thought-provoking. It has lightness ans humor and depth and reality mixed into a unique and interesting story, and is also based on the true story of the actual Frank Abagnale.

I recommend watching the movie before reading the book or a biographical account of his life so as not to spoil the movie.

Catch Me if You Can stars Leonardo Dicaprio as the young con-man and Tom Hanks as the police hunting him down for years, both immensely watchable here and owning their respective roles in their usual pro fashion. You feel and believe they are their characters and find it hard not to simultaneously root for both. They are both real characters rather than caricatures.

The movie contains likeable, believable characters, adventure, peril, deception, romance, action, humor, all blended perfectly into a movie worth watching and re-watching.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time.


Highly recommend!


Movie is 8/10 great movie to watch even twice. But if i rank a movie more than 8.5 or 9 it has to be a movie that i can watch 10 times in a year Example Southpaw, Equalizer

if a movie has over 90% population likes (google like 90% or more ) means usually great movie" This 1 has 93% np

this is the only good movie baby liked

it probably damadge her brain she cant handle that


I'm sure my brain is damaged but it's probably from too much W2.