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Climate Alarmists' Misrepresentation Exposed

I've always thought that we should take care of the planet. I was that nerd who would sometimes pick up other people's litter as a teenager. I believed in taking care of the planet before it was cool.

People who have kids are especially concerned about the future of the planet, and leaving behind the best possible world for our children.

I am all for sustainable methods of producing from nature, for humane farming practices, for planting trees, for saving whales from extinction, for having protected natural areas, and so on. That is something that hasn't changed for me with this new "green agenda" being crammed down everyone's throats.

The secret of the green agenda is that they pretend to care about planet earth but that's just a front. They are really interested in the destruction of humanity using as many avenues as possible. Abortion and contraception, including forced abortion and forced sterilization, are promoted. Homosexuality is promoted. Having fewer children is promoted. It's a war on humanity and war on freedom.

The world isn't over populated. The entire population of the earth can fit in Jacksonville, Florida. "If it's overcrowded where you are, move."

We are on a ball flying through space at 67, 000 mph revolving around a sun 93 million miles away. We have precious little control over our planet's heat.