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Crazy Rich Asians

I watched this movie yesterday.

For starters, I think the average male would find this movie incredibly dull.

It seemed to move slowly and have even limited drama, somewhat like watching some Youtuber's life on screen, only this includes a family with a very posh lifestyle with glitz, glamour, and 1.2 million dollar earrings.

The leading man is ultra likeable, the opposite of his cold, disapproving mother who outright tells his visiting girlfriend she will never be enough for her son.

The problem presents itself as the fairly unoriginal young couple is in love but someone's parents don't approve. I had just watched Monster in Law before this one and they were basically the same story, just packaged differently.

So what do you do when your super rich parents don't approve of the person you love and you might be denied their fortune?

It doesn't seem like a particularly difficult problem. If your parents are terrible people who make you miserable, starting your own life in another country seems like a pretty logical move.

Riches or love isn't even a hard choice. Parents or love is a harder one, but made easier if your parents are shallow materialists who don't care about your happiness.

Would I watch this movie again?


There wasn't really anything worth going back for a second look.

But the first ride was passable entertainment when you've used up many of your other options.


I previously said list of best actors all time Denzel, al Pacino , Robert de niro , Stallone , Dicaprio.


Now im gonna tell list of best actresses all time ( best actresses and their acting not the hottest ones)  : Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston , Charlize Theron . Maybe i forgot soem but well those 4 always making good movies yup

who are wathcing this trash?

Yeah I remember reading that Scarlet was one of the most favorite actresses for men, which somewhat surprises me since she tends to play quieter/shyer/more reserved characters rather than ones that have more like like say Reese Witherspoon who has more energy and life.

I like Rachel McAdams, Natalie Portman, and yeah Jennifer Lawrence is intense but always seems depressed. Even in the entire Hunger Games series which is like 4 films that total lots of hours, she only smiles like one time and that was when she was told to.

I like the girl from Braveheart, don't know her name. His wife.

Jennifer Lawrence is the best actress under 30 years old. She is not hot but she making lots of roles depends on the movie u watch. Ur limited to ur movie list thats why u didnt see other roles she played yup np. Rachel Mcadams is an average actress lolllllll She is ok but not 1 of the best. In southpaw movie she was terrible loll although the movie was good and definetly not cause of her haha. Yeah Nathalie Portman is ok too but not 1 of the best loll and u say jennifer looks depressed in movies but nathalie always is... lollollll like in V vendetta , Brothers, Heat, Black Swan oo black swan that movie was so wierd....