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Discussion about Smurfing

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Discussion about Smurfing

Smurfing is when a known regular player goes on a different/new name that people don't recognize to play.

People have different reasons why they might smurf, from not feeling like talking or being in a bad mood to not feeling up to playing their usual level but still want to play but not be expected to perform super great, to hiding from someone you got in a fight with, to simply personal enjoyment. Most of us have done it at some point or other and in our 3 years here at War2USA, we've had almost always positive experiences with smurfing, though occasionally some added difficulty in balancing teams.

We even have 2 official smurf nights a year at War2USA, which have been really great fun for all of us.

I want to protect people's right to smurf "responsibly", so the only solution to prevent smurfs from becoming despised and unwelcome is to address anyone who smurfs "abusively".

Things not to do when smurfing:

BS allies

Interfere with or ruin games as a watcher

Not build when you're supposed to

Insult other players, be rude in an offensive manner

We want unknown names to continue to be welcome on this server, so if you do feel the need to smurf, please keep in mind that we formed this server on the basis of welcoming newcomers, so don't act in ways that will make unknowns unwanted in games. The future of maintaining our server as the friendly, welcoming place we all want depends on it.

It is for this reason that smurfs who attack allies, act toxic, cheat, or intentionally ruin games by not building or interfering in the game as a watcher need to be addressed individually rather than moving towards an anti-smurfing or anti-new player mentality.

Some people like to occasionally mess around while playing with their friends that they know and everyone has a good time and no one's upset, so please be aware and use discernment so that you're not steering the server or more straightlaced individuals to feel negative about unknown players.

The goal is to keep new players and unknowns welcome on the server and not to rob anyone of fun.

Feel free to add your own discussion here on this topic.

An interesting video on the history of "smurfing" that started with two Warcraft 2 players and became a term used in many video games. It can refer to people who intentionally pretend to be new in order to defeat good players by surprise, but now mostly refers to known players playing on unknown names.

im gonna smurf whenever i wnt

like mike in mickey mouse? kk np

What does "BS allies" mean?

"BS allies" means "backstab" allies as in attack your own team. I think in the almost 4 year history of War2USA (since Sept. 24, 2018), I can think of only 2 instances of BSing allies that happened and smurfs were involved in both cases.

Even so, it is a rare occurrence. Your chance of dying by lightning strike or coconut hit or elephant trampling are probably higher than dying by ally BSing on War2USA np.

My "friend" from elementary school tells me he does that on occasion.

Tells me what kind of BS of an ally he is.

Personally though, I wouldn't ban it, but if you still fail to win after backstabbing, you deserve what comes to you.

It's like what ECW pro wrestling alumni Taz used to say "beat me if you can, survive if I let you."

And there's also the "Do unto others rule."

Yeah, I think when we were kids it was different since we had way more free time and most of us probably did some silly stuff back then, but nowadays we often have a handful of games a couple times a week so it matters a bit more that they aren't intentionally ruined.

Though the bigger issue for me is that unknowns are welcome on the server, since a few bad experiences have made a number of players reluctant to play with unknowns at all.

But they are either people we know and play with or they are visitors to our server. The few who have come to troll games (building/playing really bad on purpose or attacking allies) put a bad taste in people's mouths against "responsible" smurfs and actual new players.

I am an unknown, but nobody has a reason to fear me for any misconduct.

Besides not having paid for a Warcraft II game back in the day, I always play a fair game and is willing to lose when the game is played fair. Wrap your head around that.

Sure, besides pirating other games, I always play fair and sometimes do the right thing when I do have the sums to spend on a game.

Case in point: Playstation 2 games.

Besides all that, I am not a cheater in PVPGN servers.

My name is eband, ban me if you want, tell me not to show up again, and I swear I will listen.

Did I mention that I don't cheat?

You are always welcome in my games on a first come first serve basis as space allows and I encourage all USA players to welcome new players and address any rare problem users on an individual basis by passwording games for instance.

It's such a rare problem and we have like 99.99% positive experiences with smurfs, at least me personally, so I don't think it's warranted to go berserk on all of them to retaliate against the odd ruined game.

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