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Five Feet Apart

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Five Feet Apart is a love story about a guy and girl who can't be together because they both have cystic fibrosis and they literally are not allowed within 6 feet of each other according to hospital rules to keep from fatally infecting each other.

The characters are both immensely lovable and draw you in to caring about their story, which for me is a number one requirement to enjoy a movie. You have to like *at least* one character or care about at least one character in the way that you can sometimes be interested in what happens to a villain even if you don't necessarily like them, just only watching them. (Example, Benjamin Linus in Lost is one of the most watchable bad guy characters I've ever seen in anything).

The story is unique in that I have never seen a movie about CF patients before. They kind of had to explain what it is, since although I'd heard of it before, I kind of forget which disease is which since earth's inhabitants have no shortage of ailments.

The movie made me think. About life span, about risk-taking versus playing it safe, about longevity versus enjoying the time you have, about how you spend the limited time you have...because yes, we are all dying.

And people who have lived though this life before us all say the same thing. It flies by. One day you're a kid, and then suddenly you're in a nursing home with just memories.

That's another factor that makes me think a movie has value, is if it can make you think. This one did.

It was well done for the most part and didn't seem cheesy overall, with a few exceptions, like hospital staff doing extravagant things that wouldn't happen in a real life hospital, and the usual gay friend whose existence in the movie serves only the purpose of his life revolving around the main character's and cheering her on and calling her every day, who always has to be significantly less attractive than the male lead so as not to steal the show.

It's Hollywoodized, but overall, this is a first love story you can feel, that will touch your heart if you have one. 🙂

yeah i watched this movie with my sister when she came to visit me and i was surprised it wasnt bad loll despite theres no actors in there. Yeah could be a real life story. I give 7.5/10. Its good movie to watch once for sure but twice or more i dont know .

They were very likeable characters...easier to relate to as characters than some famous person where you're just thinking "Oh, there's Reese Witherspoon" or "Oh, there's Tom Cruise."

Yeah that movie was good loll but if it had actors in there would be better. Lol no known actors. But good movie surprising lol

"Known actors" aren't the best choice for all movies. Sometimes having unknowns can help a viewer get more into the story because you don't already know the characters as something else. @ring62

Not true np. Movie is 7.5 but could be 8 if had some actors in it. Youll never see an Antoine Fuqua movie with no known actors. He is 1 of best producers all time like Mel Gibson .  Antoine choose for his movies either Jake Gyllenhaal , Denzel, Mark Wahlnerg or Bruce Willis. Those actors are like legends making movies even more watchable.