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I'll start by saying Flipped is one of the better Netflix movies I've seen.

How much I like a movie often revolves around how much I can like a character or multiple characters and whether their journey is a worthwhile ride to join in on.

Julie Baker is a fantastic character, supremely endearing and full of personality and light, yet "despised" by her long-time crush who attempts to avoid her after schoolmates mock him.

I "believed" the characters. The story felt real as I watched and listened.

Maybe a bit of a spoiler alert, but then again, I doubt this is the genre W2 players in general prefer...I really hoped she would discover that her long-time crush wasn't worth wanting and that she would find someone better or be joyously marching into her young future basking in her own vivacious juices rather than latching onto a spineless, uninteresting guy whose only feature is physical cuteness, who is clearly unworthy of her.

There's something so beautiful and magical about young love. Not to say "old love" isn't or can't feel that way, but first love feels so untainted and clean and fresh.

The characters are all portrayed in such a way that you feel like you're really there among real people. The awkward dinner really does feel awkward.

The embarrassment Julie feels when insulted, you feel with her. The way she feels about her favorite tree in the world, you get it as she talks about it. You feel her, you join her world, you care about what she cares about.

This story also looks at some of the ways we judge others and are judged by others, at difficult family relationships, at themes of commitment and sacrifice and kindness.

I haven't seen a movie like this on Netflix before, ever.

As a sidenote, the basket boys thing was weird. Do adults or schools anywhere allow that? What adults think it's a good idea to auction off your kids to a crowd for dates?

But anyway, Flipped is still a story worth seeing for those who are in touch with their human side.