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Hello all. As far as I know almost all so called "sailors" sail away to your "coast". I mean He-man, Ring62, Lordvaras, CaptainKurtz, Thegoodshepherd.

So let's organise friendly matches series on water maps. We are ready to fight for glory of our sensei Dar!

  • HSC classic
  • Spiral BNE
  • World domination (2v2)
  • and so on.


Hey @werewolf


That sounds fun, we should plan something like that. Are you thinking in December still or January?

I don't know whether people have big Christmas plans or whether people will keep playing through December.

We are planning a fun Tournament event on December 8, Moriouce maps 2v2 Rotating Allies event here at War2USA if you'd like to join us for that. We haven't set a time yet, but if it would help more people join, we would consider an earlier time like 3 instead of 6 or 8 pm EST.

Moriouce maps are new to all of us, and many of them we have never even played. The idea of playing on fresh territory is exciting.

Suggest some dates for HSC/FOC/Spiral/World Dom series you're interested in? Our popular times to play are evenings of Eastern time like 7 pm - 1 am or so, it varies.

I do have a few water maps that could serve as new territory of a friendly water series. @werewolf

Have a lock at my maps. Ocean of War, Thule Atoll, North Sea and Total Wave War comes to mind. I’m always open to create new maps. I thinking of a Water map for teams Where each team share an island. Maybe would be something to work on.




Thanks Moriouce, your maps look really cool.


idk any time is ok for me. but i havent allies who want play this. will see mb in january

btw I forgot about TOFU


You do not need to bring your own allies. Allies will be randomly assigned for round 1 in order of arrival, switched up for round 2 within that group, then randomly reassigned for round 3, etc.

The variety of maps and things is great for testing a player's versatility in dealing with the challenges of new landscapes and an assortment of allies from a range of skill levels.


@babyshark u talking about 2v2 tourn (8 dec), ill come anyway. glhf 🙂

@babyshark so what about match? we can play it like series between best players of war2usa vs me and ragner. 2v2.

u pick maps.


Let me consult with our good players and see if we can find a time that works for the four players. That will be the challenge since we have different time zones!

But I love the idea of a 2v2 series, especially on exciting, fresh maps that haven't been played to death.

Can you and Ragner only do our daytime? Or are you ever able to manage an EST evening?

That will be the biggest challenge.



Are you still looking for a series? If yes, please suggest date and time? It should be 4v4?

The trickiest part is getting everyone available at the same time since we are on other ends of the planet!

Oh, never mind, I see now you said 2v2. If you can play a late night (which I think is your morning)...we might be able to work it out to have people on at the same time. Tough cuz everyone has different schedule.