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Have Excuses Ready for When You Lose

It's good to have an excuse list ready for when you lose to a newb.

I try to vary it up so it's not the same excuse all the time. This way the excuse seems more authentic and realistic so people don't call you out on making excuses.

  1. Too much glare on the screen
  2. My cat jumped on my keyboard
  3. Had to talk to Twitch viewers
  4. Sore wrist
  5. Didn't sleep enough the night before
  6. Mouse batteries died
  7. Screen glitched
  8. Spilled drink on keyboard
  9. Got a phone call
  10. Got up to make tea, forgot to pause
  11. Kid started screaming
  12. Computer screen blinking on and off

Try not to use more than 2-3 excuses per game, or it will seem excessive. Don't waste excuses on pro players you are actually inferior to. Save your excuses for when you lose to a newb you should be able to kick around with your hands tied behind your back.

If you run out of excuses or can't come up with one on the spot, quickly blame your ally.

If you had no ally, blame your opponent. Accuse them of hacking.

If they were streaming or provided SS, just pull the plug and immediately disconnect and hope everyone forgot about it two weeks later when you first dare to log in again.