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HE-MAN $100 if you win!!


Your most enthusiastic fan (aka ring62) keeps bragging all over USA daily, hourly, momently, that you can beat Dr-Orc.

You have earned a special invitation to Sharkfight him at the convenience of both of you (I'd love to spec/stream/comment, but at your convenience with warvid and Insight replays is fine too.)

If you win, $100 CAD via PayPal. Users incapable of using PayPal forfeit all prizes np.

Come n get it!

Yeah many people think He-man will win and im not including myself so i think people will want u to put those 100$ on a table where we can see them first cause yeah most likely u will be -100$

Tofu , Achille, Rareskills and myself think He-man is a little better but yeah sure series will be close