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High Plus resource setting

After some research I have decided to feature a specific set of resources as the Map Default setting on my maps from now on. I'm calling it High Plus. If you don't like the name then call it Higher, Highest, or whatever you'd like. Having a usable resource setting such as this offers something fresh yet familiar. Crater Forest BNE will be the first to feature this.

I would recommend the High Plus setting on almost any map although of course, only the single aforementioned map offers it at this time. If you wish to feature this setting as Map Default on your own map, go for it.

The resource amounts are 13.5k gold/6.5k wood/6.5k oil. To refresh and compare, High and Low have 2:1 gold:wood/oil while Medium has 5:2 gold:wood/oil. High Plus  has 3.5k gold/1.5k wood/1.5k oil more than High.

This resource setting is obviously a buff to the early game. Here are a few more specific buffs :

-Longer gay wars

-More aggressive rushes such as 2rax, 3rax, and perhaps even double blacksmith experimentation

-Much broader window of time to build a lumber mill




-Repair builds

-Earlier expansions

Looks interesting to try. I am loving all the new keeps W2 fresh and exciting.

Cool. Lamb was saying something about a possible plugin where anyone who had it would have High Plus as their Map Default setting. First we can try the setting on this map without the plugin to see if we like it.

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