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Home Sweet Home

I actually saw a different version of this same story before. I have to look up the name since I forgot.

Okay, a quick search revealed that the title of that other movie was Christian Mingle.

The story is that a girl pretends to be a Christian to get a Christian guy.

This movie was better than the other one.

The girl is really pretty and flirty and kinda into herself and fashion and make-up. The guy isn't looking for a shallow man-hunter, so he isn't interested when she flirts with him. This drives her nuts. She starts studying about how to pretend to be a Christian, learns some lingo and volunteers to build houses for his ministry.

He slowly starts to warm up to her, but of course, it's only a matter of time before her dishonesty is discovered and things go down in flames.

In spite of the girl being kinda shallow and vain, she is super likeable and watchable as Victoria, the ultra flirt.

The guy is a little less sparkly and animated, but he's alright.

I thought overall it was enjoyable and pleasant and kept me interested, but the one disappointing bit was the speech near the end that's supposed to be a testimony of Christianity but it fails to mention the Savior of humanity, Jesus Christ the Son of God who takes away the sin of the world. We can't just try harder to be a good person to be saved, to become a Christian. Only Jesus can save us from our sin, and failing to mention him when talking about your faith is like going to a wedding where only one member of the couple showed up. I mean it's pointless.

There was really minimal "Christian" stuff in this movie, so I'm not sure there's much of a point to make a movie that's supposed to be in the Christian category when there's that little Christian content.

As a movie strictly for entertainment for people who like the romance story genre, I liked it.

I'm pretty sure the girl from it will get more roles since she's super cute, likeable even as a selfish brat, and a decent actress.