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How about Legacy Warcraft II?

I know that it might not be practical, but I think we should welcome whose who still play Warcraft II the DOS version.

I remember my mother buying the Battle Chest at Costco at Christmas 1996. It contained the first Warcraft, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and the expansion Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.

It was one of the last games that I played that was actually bought that was still playable on my mighty 80486 computer.

When was still around, the free service emulated the IPX protocol and I played thousands of hours against opponents all over the net. It was like going to heaven before really doing so.

In addition, I made friends in high school and played against them as well. I wasn't really inept in RTS, but I had a whale of a time doing so. I lost a lot, but it's the fun of losing because sometimes, I fought the good fight and actually felt like I was almost winning!

I know, I know, times change, but the DOS emulator DOSBox can actually emulate that feeling of playing the original Warcraft II game. I just want this community to pay some attention to that as it might be a worthy investment.

By the way, I still own the original ones, but for those who want to try out the originals, go here:

It's not as advanced as the edition in that in the Edition, the Starcraft-like command shortcuts and selection techniques are not yet existent on the original ones. However, there are also advantages, like you can engage an IPX LAN showdown with a copy; if a game commences, the copy cannot do the Starcraft features; it will be like the original version.

Well, it's up to you guys. I Just thought it would be a good idea for the community since the site is called "War2USA."

Let's get those Windows 9x and DOS computers moving!

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Thanks for the suggestion.

You can play this in a web browser now. There is a dosbox emulator for web browser that plays warcraft 2 dos. I don't believe IPX protocol has been emulated yet. I played with this a few years back and tried to make a warcraft 2 dos ipx server. Hopefully that program will evolve further and I'll try again.

Thanks! Tupac Administrator