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John Q

This is a movie I only watched because it was strongly and persistently recommended (along with many other Denzel Washington movies) by a guy who borrow's that actor's name as a screenname on USA!

He's not gonna be happy with my honest thoughts on this movie, because I thought some of the acting felt acted rather than natural, including scenes where people being threatened by a person waving a gun around as just calmly sitting around looking bored. That's not how real people would react to a gun man.

John Q is a story about people's frustration with America's health care system's failure to provide affordable health care to all Americans. In this story, a little boy has a bad heart, and since the family can't afford to pay for a transplant surgery which he needs to live, they are simply told to take their kid home to die.

The father isn't happy with that option, and ultimately decides to force the hospital to do the surgery at gunpoint.

What if everybody did that? I think the movie's message is a bit muddled. They aren't completely clear if they think everyone who isn't happy with health care providers should go waving guns in hospitals threatening patients and doctors if they don't get what they want right now without paying for it.

But what if it was my child dying to a condition that could be cured with money and I couldn't pay?

It's an intense story and offers material to think about. It was an engaging story, worth a watch if you haven't seen it.


np shark is funny like always. First of all when u say (I thought some of the acting felt acted rather than natural,)  im not sure what does that mean cause movies are all about acting. Thats why Denzel is the best actor in the world with Dicaprio , Stallone , De niro and al pacino and few others. When u watch movies with those actors in them its almost everytime a good movie or at least watchable. Secondly i can assure you that if i had a pointed gun on me i would make my possible to stay calm and i think everyone would in real life. np if u are too stressed the shooter can shoot you cause he will be stressed cause of you lollll. its logical sense.

(I thought some of the acting felt acted rather than natural),  the sentence u wrote can apply only on movies based on a real story john q isnt 1  but still its not real life its still acting yup np

my ranking for john q is 8.2/10 .    It is impossible to watch a movie with Denzel below 7/10. It doesnt exist

at least ring liked good movies not like babysbark who watch trash

So a movie is good if everyone just shoots each other?

well now u even confusing movies np , no1 shoot no1 at john q.   Ok only 1 time when they tried to shoot Denzel but thats only 10 seconds np