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Keeping the Rats Out

I learned something new recently.

One of Canada's provinces, Alberta, is a rat-free zone.

I saw the National Post article and wondered if it was a joke.(

Do they really have an armed military force standing guard all across the Alberta border ready to exterminate any rat that enters?

Apparently this is old news. Alberta has had a rat control agenda since 1950, when the invasive Norway rat first became a problem.

Infestations were treated with large scale poisoning programs and education programs, with pamphlets and posters distributed to the public to raise awareness and concern.

I'm baffled and amazed that an entire province has gone to such elaborate and extensive lengths to eradicate a relatively small creature I would have imagined is just about impossible to control.

You can read more about Alberta's successful anti-rat crusade here:

I'm amazed.

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