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Map Wishlist

Have you ever browsed the maps at the forum and thought ”wow, Why haven’t we played that before?” Now is the time to let us know.

Take your time and go through all the maps here at the forum and elsewhere for that matter. Then posts a top 3 maps you have never seen hosted.

Gow gow gow


Gow has been hosted plenty at USA.



River Crossings

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  • B3CD1E52-8932-4F71-A58A-8AB41722F295.jpeg
  • 9CF26AFE-DF4B-4113-8589-B6007A27D8CC.jpeg
  • BED8F031-4662-4F40-B2BE-F41C52BF98F0.jpeg

Good maps man!

Valley of the Lost Peons (map fits 4)

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  • Valley-of-the-Lost-Peons-KPUD.jpg

Musky Mangrove

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  • Musky-Mangrove.jpg

if you can host gow i coming


Great imagination and boldness, mike!

Also 8 player Valley

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  • Valley.jpg