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Matty Memorial Tournament May 6

Everyone who knew him liked Matty. Whether you knew him or not, you're invited for a fun night of games to honor his memory playing the game he loved on some of his favorite maps. He loved classic maps and was not a fan of customs, but he did still play them from time to time cuz he was a cool guy.

The tournament is planned for Friday night, May 6, 2022, starting at 10 pm EST (well EDT now, I forgot about daylight time change when I made the poster).

Click here to see the Matty Memorial Tournament web page that includes map pictures.

Click here to see the Matty Memorial Tournament Challonge page where brackets will be posted.

Sign up if you haven't yet to make setup faster on the day so we can get gaming and having a great time faster! I expect it to be a great time. See you all there.

A video to remember Matty who is gone forever.