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My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

I had seen this movie years ago and forgot most of it, so got to enjoy it a second time almost as if I'd never seen it. It's a decade old by now.

Girl meets boy. Girl meets another boy. Girl likes both boys and they don't know about each other. All the comments on the movie are loving the twist at the end.

Surrre, it's kind of a chick flick type of movie. I like girlie movies and I'm not ashamed of it.

This one was nice. Had some funny moments, is cute and fun and watchable and feel-good. Don't expect anything ultra deep or life-changing, just a good time, and you're good to go. 🙂

Would I watch it again? I already did, hah.

Garbage np. Theres so many better Romance movies.... Like the notebook and 500 days of summer.  Those 2 already way way better than this lol np

actually i think im gonna rewatch 500 days of summer with a girl its a good movie to watch in couple np

I agree The Notebook is one of the best romance movies ever made. I own it...and I admit I start crying on the opening credits. Pretty sure I cried from start to finish in the movie theatre lol. The Notebook is hard to top.

500 Days of Summer was also good. That guy...what's his name again...Joseph Gordon Levitt...he's so charming and sweet and nervous in an adorable way. He really, really likes Summer. Summer is just having fun while he's falling in love. Their chemistry is nice and even though she breaks his heart, she is also really watchable and cute and draws you in with her quirky sweetness.

I wouldn't mind rewatching both of these, too.

But I'm surprised you like these movies since there's no one shooting anyone. Usually you only like shooting movies. Np.


Thats cause im more open that you loll so i watch all kind of movies. Drama , action, Romance,  Thriller. As long they are good movies and good actors and good producer i most likely will watch yup. When theres Denzel , or bruce willis or robert de niro or al pacino or mark wahlberg or Jake Gyllenhaal or Charlize Theron or Jennifer Lawrence Or Scarlett how can a movie be bad no mather if its drama , action , thriller or romance movie. np

only movies i cant watch are homo movies cause homophobic and in movie 5 feet apart there was a homo.. so movie was not that good. Its like in Philadelphia movie even theres Denzel tom hanks is a homo so i cant watch cause homophobic

ooo and to respond you to 500 days of summer well its np if the girl made fun of him cause at the end of movie he met a girl way more hot thatth e girl so its like vengence hahahahahahah lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll   Yup np np