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New Map - Crater Forest BNE

This is the first map that features my new map default resource I am calling High Plus. I suggest you try this map on Low, High, or High Plus. They are equally decent.

It is a map that lends itself to a fair amount of gaying, even delayed. Pay special attention to the areas at the edge of the map between the mines. There is a lot that can happen there during all stages of a match. Note that the majority of the expansions require priming. You'll need to send your peons towards expansions earlier than normal to compensate. It makes for a dramatic transitional phase. Such priming is inspired by a few nooks in Bridge to Bridge Combat classic, one of the tips in The Spiral classic, and other maps I've made.

Thank you to Lambchops for the cool map tools that allow me to work differently as well as for the title ideas.

More on High Plus

Great work as always! It will be fun to see this extended expansion phase in real game play.

Thank you for the support and continued cartography talks!

I can't dl the map with my phone so can't see what it looks like but I'm excited to try it out.

Once the thread crash is all fixed I'll be able to attach an image to show the map.

pud attached below

Uploaded files:

I wanna try this one!