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New Nedro Map Winter Storm BNE!

Check out the new Nedro production!

Winter Storm BNE looks like the next big thing!

Can't wait to try it out!

Thanks to Nedro for sharing his gift of map making with the Warcraft 2 community!

Tried out Winter Storm tonight for the first time. I think 2 team games are on this replay and one 1s on the map between ring and Dumaurier.


Notes from the Map Author shared on Discord:

"as for winter storm it has a steep learning curve but should be plenty playable out of the box. it's an extra large map due to the tree line perimeter, like b2b or maze. i sometimes think of this as a map's surface area. it might take some extra thought where to build wallins (and overall building organization) especially the offensive kind like a raxes. there are chokes everywhere to seal up like rose petal or right of center on gow, experiment with them. the map is quite friendly towards reinforced proxy temples too. 3halls or other mass expansion strategies are viable especially in smaller games. if you like moving your start spot, try 6:00 to just north for an extra 7.5k. most of the expansions obviously gravitate toward the center of the map. however the starting spots bot left and bot right used as expansions are difficult to DK if walled well. it's a better-than-average map for humans. some starts can be OT'd, some the peon lines can be catted, and the two starts on the right can be chopped into. enjoy.
it should be one of the harder maps to master if i did it right"

pud attached below

Uploaded files:

The pathing and build space get easier with more plays. Namely blue being the slightly cramped one. Yellow is distant from everyone else. Red too just less so. Areas on the map have their own feel, like towns within one large county, even the expansions. This is not a map that will morph into open ground after chopping as much as many other land maps do. The trees are largely too thick for that.

GOW BNE, GOW, Maze, Rose Petal BNE, Mine In The Center BNE, Great White North BNE, and Party At Midnight BNE are it's cousins.

There are tiny adjustments I sometimes wish I made. For example, perhaps higher difficulty starts. Quite a lot of time was spent trying to encourage moves. It's hard to do without creating imbalance. If done right it's a way of increasing the 8 start spot maximum the game allows.

I believe it's still my best map. I am understanding that for some it's an acquired taste and a few may not come around to it. There will be enough quality from those who do enjoy it.

I was pleased with even the first few plays of this map on USA and look forward to seeing more.

This map has a lot in store for many years. It's rich. It's deep.

It's not McDonald's drive thru crap.

Plots is McDonald's drive thru crap. That map looks like it took literally 25 seconds to make. I have no idea why anyone is hosting it.

WS is kind of deep yet approachable. I can't tell you what is best in certain situations. Some even say it is Denzel Washingtonian.


Quote from BabyShark on November 12, 2019, 12:03 am

Plots is McDonald's drive thru crap. That map looks like it took literally 25 seconds to make. I have no idea why anyone is hosting it.


What is there to say other than USA loves their compartment maps. "Is fair." When is everyone going to learn to walk to their expansion for twice the gold?

Plans are in early formulation stage for Winter Storm. I plan to feature streams of games and a video talking about the map eventually. I also plan to use this in a future special event, such as Topple the Champion 2020.

A map contest very cool. But i perfer customs and free casltes and bgh.