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Nick Sandmann Story: The Truth Has a Way of Coming Out

16 year old student Nick Sandmann was painted as an evil, white, hateful racist bigot after a video clip of him was made public and grossly misinterpreted.

The video clip first broadcast showed a native American adult face to face with the teen and beating a drum in his face while the boy stood still and smiled. The boy's smiling was interpreted as "hateful mockery" and the adult man who walked up to him beating a drum lied through his teeth about the situation that actually took place that day.

Later videos surfaced that revealed more about what actually happened that day and show that the boys from Covington Catholic High School were not guilty of the numerous false allegations they were accused of.

They were accused of harassing elderly native Americans. False.

The adult elderly native American in the video approached the boys.

Other adult protesters from a group known as Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling hateful insults at the school boys for an extended period of time.

They school boys were accused of chanting "Build the wall!" False. All of the video footage from that day shows no one from the school saying any such thing, but some of the adult protesters (the group known as Black Hebrew Israelites) who were also yelling insults at the school kids apparently were.

The school kids began doing school chants, nothing inappropriate, to diffuse the situation and drown out the insulting shouts of the protesters.

Nick Sandmann, the teen in the video who just stood there smiling, confused about why a man was beating a drum in his face, had an enormous media frenzy severely attack him and his family as evil incarnate, with death threats coming to both him and his parents.

Nick's statement about what happened is here:

A video revealing the events of the day and the blatant and outrageous lies of Nathan Phillips is below:

Nick Sandmann was falsely accused of swarming, harassing, and blocking due to angry, hateful, racist bigotry. The videos prove otherwise. This teenager was actually verbally attacked and insulted by adults. His personal space was invaded by an adult, and he didn't actually do anything wrong. In spite of not doing anything wrong, he was vilified by the media, lied about, harassed and threatened. He is now suing the Washington Post for defamation.

I hope he wins against the real hateful bigots who did all they could to destroy an innocent kid.

All because he was wearing a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat. Oh, and was coming from the Pro-Life March.

Nick Sandmann's lawyer discusses the case:

Judge dismisses Nick Sandmann defamation lawsuit against Washington Post.

Yes, America, you may defame and lie about kids and attempt to ruin their lives and cause harassment to their families based on lies and get away with it if you have money and power and don't agree with the kid's political or personal views.

But if you spill coffee on yourself, you can sue for millions!

The Nick Sandmann lawsuit is now moving forward after a judge's recent ruling.

A high school kid was harassed by adults, then falsely accused, painted as an evil guy who harasses old natives (when the opposite was true), then smeared by numerous media outlets, including adults saying things like "I want to punch that kid in the face."

The hatred poured out on one kid for smiling the wrong way and wearing the wrong hat is insane.

May justice prevail against the adults who had a field day ruining an innocent kid's life and reputation.


Nick Sandmann ended up winning the lawsuit against CNN, who told the world that he was yelling racist slurs at someone, which was false, but resulted in a large scale persecution of the 16 year old boy by numerous mass media outlets, including a CNN employee Reza Aslan statement "Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid's?" featuring Sandmann's picture.

Furthermore, what happened with Nick Sandmann was a warning to other media outlets who would gladly concoct a story to destroy the reputation of one with whom one does not agree ideologically, offering this year's recent March for Life participants a degree of protection from persecution.

An even more recent story involving the same school (Covington Catholic) and the same event (March for Life) has one dead and several others injured after a vehicle crashed into a school bus acting as transportation for the March for Life 2020 event in Washington, D.C.. It is very odd that the same school and the same event would be featured in the news on two consecutive years. My first question is, was the collision actually an accident or was it some kind of effort at retaliation?