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Nowhere Safe (2014)

OO yesterday i watched Nowhere Safe (2014) . Its like mini Braveheart with teenagers. 2 girls spread a total lie about a girl and everyone just followed  the romor instead of thinking by themselves. Yeah its good teenagers movie kinda mini braveheart. I rate movie 8.2/10 np

Watched this movie in the last few days based on your recommendation. @ring62

Surprised to see there's a movie we both found watchable. 😉

I didn't buy the bully's sudden change, though. I don't think people change that fast or that easily, even for a pretty girl.

And his treatment of her at the first test was bad enough that she should never have taken him back. She deserved better.

If he really cared about her, he wouldn't have tried to publicly shame her for a donut comment about a stranger he doesn't even know. Like he, with his history, was one to talk anyway.

She accepted him after his gross behavior.

After he thinks she has some misbehavior in the past, he is instantly ready to throw her to the wolves, even having seen that that wasn't what she was like now, even if she had a past. And it wasn't even true. So lame.

It's a sad commentary on reality, that there are cruel and dirty people out there who are eager to watch others suffer and will do vicious and awful things to hurt and ruin others' lives on purpose.

The same type of thing happened at RU server with me, with one influential person making the decision to ruin my reputation there and drive me out of the community once enough people were banning me from games and regularly attacking me with rude comments and unprovoked insults.

It didn't matter that I had a history spanning across a decade playing on the server getting along with everyone, hosting all different sorts of maps for all different people, and generally being a nice, easygoing person.

Most people will go with the crowd who follows the leader, and most people will ditch someone they've known and liked for years in order to be accepted by the crowd rather than face similar treatment to someone chosen as a target by sticking up for them. Lambchops was one who did this and I'll never forget that. He got himself a lot of hate for challenging the RU crowd's treatment of me. DeathKnight~ also was one who was there for me and stood by me even in the face of such a toxic, hateful mob, and I'll never forget that.

I would have lost my favorite game if not for Tupac and USA server appearing at just the right time, when I accepted my time at RU was over for good. I wasn't welcome at RU and the admins openly encouraged awful treatment of me, joining in themselves with insults and persecution, including changing my forum username to ones that were intended to be offensive to me.

Because of how much I love the game and cared about some of the connections I'd made through it, what I went through did involve significant emotional suffering. I believed I'd lost the battle to play my favorite game ever after losing friends I cared about who didn't want to face pressure and insults for standing with "the mentally ill, crybaby, liar, slut, psychopath, drama queen, attention whore, oversensitive, self-righteous, hypocritical, hideous, worthless, evil piece of ****" I'd been labelled as.

Of course the events left a mark on me. It's a part of my history now. But being able to talk about it and say, yeah, this is what happened to me, this is how I felt, it really sucked, and now I'm in a better place with better people and they didn't win has made me a stronger person than I was before. Healing happens. Growth happens. New connections happen.

The only reason they didn't win is because the loving God who watches over me didn't let them. He provided Tupac and War2USA at just the right time, he gave War2USA success since I prayed for it, and that God cares about something as trivial as me being able to play a silly video game I love proves that he cares about the people he made, period. God loves the broken and flawed people he made, and answers when we cry to him.


Ooo u write well.  Its like a novel.  Do u write novels oo yes i think ur a writer.

lol ring