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Official Smurf Night this Friday April 3rd!

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Swap names with your friends. Come on names no one’s seen before. Try to hide who you are.

Masquerade. A night of fun, tricking your friends! Friday April 3, 2020 at War2USA. Last year’s smurf night was one of the funnest nights ever!

It will be so fun!! =)

Sign in to War2USA tonight for a fun night!

While most of us regularly play on our real names, tonight is the night to see if you can pull off a "costume" and see if you can trick your friends!

If I stream, you guys have to promise not to look til after!

I declare BeefyMc...forget the rest of the name #1 smurf of the night. He played the most games on the same name and maintained the mystery best of anyone.

Rainbow was 2nd in how long he played on same name over the night without revealing his true identity.

If someone else has an assertion on who did it best, feel free to share!

Good games last night! Lotsa fun, lotsa laughs, and we stayed up way too late hah.

Thanks everyone for coming out and making it a fantastic night!!

Game on.