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Pro Challenger Faces War2USA Champion in Epic Sharkfight Series Feb. 24 7 pm

It's not often an event this exciting is seen in the Warcraft 2 universe!

I am thrilled to announce this upcoming PRO CHALLENGER vs CHAMPION to be live streamed for your viewing pleasure February 24th, 7 pm EST!!

It will be 10 assorted maps (posted in the coming days) with $175 USD prize for the winner.

Come see how the versatile hot-stuff  all-map-playing pros fight it out on a diverse range of battlegrounds.

FEB. 24th, 2020 7 pm EST

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I can't wait for this awesome pro series! A challenger is facing War2USA's versatile and amazing undefeated Champion in a special series!

Click here for more details and to check out the exciting map pool!


So who is fighting?

Exactly! I want to know also. The champion has always been anonymous.

Thanks! Tupac Administrator

Megalodon vs War2USA Champion.

Megalodon was last seen facing Ragner the winner of the War2USA Winter Storm Tournament that took place on Feb. 16th in some very close and exciting games.

I'm hoping to see some more of that same kind of action unfold here tomorrow night on a wider variety of exciting fresh maps!

You're invited to watch the series live at tomorrow night.

But who are these people?

They are wonderful people @dragoneye

The Twitch stream from tonight is here:

Great games, thanks for coming out to support the game of Warcraft 2!