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NEW! Replay Library

@nedro Is that a Stratego game piece lol?


yes apparently the pieces vary quite a bit depending on the era so i had to seek images out from our salad days.

Sharkfight Game 9 BabyShark vs Megalodon Kaboom
Sharkfight Game 10 BabyShark vs Megalodon BigEars

Sharkfight 2 (We agreed to all humans series for our second Sharkfight)

Sharkfight 2 Game 1 BabyShark vs Megalodon Fields of Grass KPUD
Sharkfight 2 Game 2 BabyShark vs Megalodon Mr. Bean

Uploaded files:

Sharkfight Game 1 rareskills vs ring62

Sharkfight Game 2 ffasonly vs ring62

Uploaded files:

Sharkfights ring62 vs moriouce game 1 moriouce picks x marks

Uploaded files:

game 2 ring62 picks foc

Uploaded files:

game 3 moriouce picks 1 way in

Uploaded files:

Uploaded files:

CaptainKurtz v ring62 games from Feb. 1. 2020 (late Friday night). Games were also streamed.

Fierce Ocean Battle KPUD

Soggy Marshland LOW RES

Uploaded files:

Ring62 vs Lordvaras     Sharkfight 2   game 1    Ring62 picked fob