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*Update* Instead of posting new fights in this thread, I've opted to put them as web pages for ease of access.

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What is a Sharkfight?

A Sharkfight is a 1 v 1 10 games series on 10 different maps, with each of the two players choosing 5 normal playstyle maps each.
Normal playstyle means EF speed and no modified unit or building properties (like 1 hp units, fast build, super strong units, etc.).
Games are played at the convenience of the two players and results and videos can be posted here.


Fun. Duh.


I have challenged LordVaras to a Sharkfight and he has accepted. Our map selections are as follows:

BabyShark: AYN, GWN, Mr. Bean, Ramparts, GOW

LordVaras: Violent Voyage, HSC, FOC, Ocean Bloom, Pirate's Lagoon

Isn't it the *best* when your opponent has fabulous taste in maps?? =D

LetsRemake has embarked on a Sharkfight.

Map selections so far:

LetsRemake: Ant Trails, Widow's End, GOW,

BabyShark: Forsaken Isles, Horseshoe Island, Schwartzwald

6/10 games played so far

Game 1 - Ant Trails - LetsRemake

Game 2 - Forsaken Isles - BabyShark

Game 3 - Widow's End - BabyShark

Game 4 - Horseshoe Island - BabyShark

Game 5 - GOW - BabyShark

Game 6 - Schwartzwald - LetsRemake

Current score:

BabyShark: 4

LetsRemake: 2

BabyShark vs LordVaras Sharkfight underway.

Game 1 - Great White North - BabyShark

Game 2 - Ocean Bloom - LordVaras

Game 3 - Ramparts - BabyShark

Game 4 - Violent Voyage - LordVaras

So far Varas and I are 2-2 on our Sharkfight and each of us won on our own map picks.

BabyShark v LordVaras Sharkfight continued tonight:

Baby pick Mr. Bean, winner Baby

Varas pick Pirate's Lagoon, winner Baby

Baby pick GOW, winner Baby

Varas pick FOC, winner Varas


Sharkfight BabyShark vs LordVaras

BabyShark 5
LordVaras 3

Varas has to win the next 2 to tie! Will we need a tiebreaker?

New Sharkfight Series Underway: BabyShark vs He-Man

Current Sharkfight Series Scores:

BabyShark: 1 of 10
He-Man: 1 of 10
Still to play: 8 of 10

Game 1 Baby pick AYN, Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Valley of the Lost Peons (KPUD), He-Man win