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So glad I'm an Aussie.



So here's what 25 million Australians are doing with the COVID19 virus. Absolutely kicking its ass.

Most businesses are still open, just not the pubs and clubs etc., and only take out in restaurants. You see some face-masks, but not many; maybe 1 in 100 people or something.


So how is it we have one of the best looking curves in the world?

Well for starters we already have a great public health system. Hospital care is free for everyone here. Period (Just ask Tom Hanks ).

But most importantly we are social distancing correctly. As someone who works with the public on a daily basis I can tell you that most people (well over 99.9%) are polite, conscientious and considerate of others. Very early on there were a few loud-mouth assholes who wanted to complain about “their rights” or some other nonsense and basically give everyone else a hard time because they were unhappy.

Here the police were very quick to instantly turn up and give them a $1000 on the spot fine and the option of immediately leaving or being locked up. Then everyone else would cheer as the selfish asshole left and we would all go back to having a nice day.

As it turns out there was actually a very small number of these people trying to make a big noise as if they were speaking for everyone, which they most definitely were not. We don't like them here and we are pretty proud as a nation of how we are handling the situation.

So as of today, May 4th, out of 25 million people we have had a total of 6,822 cases for the entire country. My heart goes out to the vast majority of Americans, who I know are also caring, conscientious and considerate of others, but are sadly lacking in decent federal leadership, which is very clearly manifesting in the horrific situation there where 28,000 new cases were diagnosed just yesterday alone. Even adjusting for the US population of 328 million you still get a death rate over 54 times higher than we have here.


No amount of YouTube conspiracy theories will ever bring back the many thousands of Americans who have died unnecessarily. In Australia, when the going get tough, self-righteous assholes with megaphones just get told to STFU and go home (with an optional punch in the face if they want to argue the point).

Have some respect for your nanas.


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hf =D


I'm glad you're an Aussie, but not for any of those reasons.

It's all about the accent. The Australian accent is pretty Ace!

Huh? I speak normally, you're the one with the accent 😉

hf =D

ya aus is so cool it like locked itself off from the rest of the earth of wild life

There are not more total deaths this year than the average of the last several years. They just attribute nearly every normal death to this "pandemic". It's brainwashing. The virus has never been isolated. The tests are bogus. A goat and fruit have tested positive. Healthy people test positive. It's a scam to control people just like Nazi Germany when they demonized and dehumanized Jews...and the Gestapo ripped screaming children from their parents and took them away for committing no crime.

Here is a clip of Nazi Germany in Australia:

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