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Summer 2019 Map Contest!

Check out this exciting contest here:

Summer 2019 Map Contest

@moriouce I'll get your updated map up soon. I got it, though. 🙂

August 17th (tomorrow) is the last day to enter your entries for Summer 2019 Map Contest by the end of the day tomorrow! This event is to encourage creation of new maps, encourage community participation, encourage creativity and freshness, and of course, for fun. We have a number of entries plus many brand new maps from creators like Moriouce and Captain Pollution, so I'm already so I'm very happy with how fruitful this fun contest has been. Keep the entries coming so we can have the most entries for any Warcraft 2 map contest in the history of Warcraft 2. Wouldn't be surprised if we were already there! 🙂

Thank you everyone for all your map entries!! This is an exciting time for Warcraft 2 with abundant fresh puds being added by a passionate group of people. It's a beautiful thing to see!

I want people to have some weeks to play through the new maps and then I'll set up a vote on the forum on Sept. 17th and it will be open for a three weeks until Oct. 8th to give everyone a chance to give their input in discovering which is the community's most exciting map addition. I know it will be very hard to choose amongst so many great maps.

When I game in the next few weeks, I will be hosting a lot of contest entry maps except for when other people request maps to be hosted.