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The (Brave)Heart of Tupac: A Beautiful Thing to Behold

I was asked to arrange an interview with Tupac by a popular Warcraft 2 streamer. I don't know if Tupac feels like doing interviews, but I can tell you a little bit about Tupac.

Tupac is fiercely protective of the helpless, the innocent, and women and children.

When he sees people getting hurt, he springs into action.

He is the kind of rare man they don't make anymore. I happen to have seen pictures of him and he also looks the part. He clearly works out and could pummel bad guys with those rippling muscles as easily as he can muscle bullies off girls and kids.

He has courage. He enters the fray, no matter how many bad guys there are, and puts himself between the darkness and anyone that darkness seeks to devour.

Some men nowadays are apathetic and cowardly and sit on the sidelines and shrug when they see evil.

Tupac can't.

Like Braveheart, he fights it. Like Braveheart, he wants a better world, a world of peace, where people don't have to be attacked and assaulted for no reason.

When we are at War2USA, it is that better place. It's a place of harmony and peace and joy. He has built that for us and maintains it with a lot of hard work on the project itself and funds it with his hard-earned money.

He never wanted war. Like Braveheart, he just wanted peace. In his world, there is peace. But evil can never stand to see others joyful. And when they come with rage, Tupac is ready to defend his happy kingdom of peace and joy.

We hear the call echo long into the starry night: