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The Dating Coach (2012)

This is a light-hearted, warm rom-com that tells the story of a nerdy, awkward guy who was marked by a perceived rejection by his pretty crush that he thought he was taking to a school dance (but she had actually invited a bunch of friends and he was just one of them, and ended up dancing with another guy instead of him) as an adult who never got over that experience.

He still fears rejection by girls even though now he's good looking and just doesn't know it.

His friend suggests he try a dating coach. He visits one but feels conflicted about signing up for classes, when suddenly his high school crush re-appears in his life, who upon learning of his need, offers herself as a dating coach to earn some money she desperately needs since her sister is trying to kick her out of her house after overstaying her welcome.

It's predictable, it's fluffy, it's not ground-breaking or life-changing, but it's sweet and enjoyable to watch the dating coach turn him from awkward nerd into confident stud, who successfully pursues a woman he's had his eye on, only to find herself having unexpected feelings for him.

I enjoyed this movie more than most modern rom-coms because it was cleaner without the crude friends, rushed sex, drug references, and all that.

Most of the girlie movies I watch I don't bother posting on here since I imagine not too many women are reading, but this one was cute and above average, so here it is, hah.