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The Exception

I saw a trailer for this movie awhile ago and it stuck in my mind...there was something appealing about a story about a German WW2 Nazi soldier who has a thing for a forbidden Jewish their lives are both at stake, but they still can't resist each other.

I wasn't expecting the nudity...and I try to avoid shows that have excessive skin since I don't want too much of that rattling around in my mind.

Anyways, the story humanized one of the hated Nazi soldiers as someone who was just trying to get by...following orders when threatened he would be shot if he didn't fulfill his mission.

The innocent looking maid has a dangerous secret of her own. More than one, actually.

Both of them could get her lover in a lot of trouble.

I wouldn't have minded having a little less naked stuff and a little more story instead.

They are trying to portray him as a good guy, but his first encounter with the girl is basically, almost rape, except she...didn't resist. She wanted it. I don't know what kind of healthy-minded girl would ever accept that, even if the guy was attractive.

Anyways. Caution with the sex content, no younger viewers, even older viewers like myself might want to close their eyes or skip this one.

The Kaiser was a strong performance by Christopher Plummer.

Lily James is supremely beautiful and pulls off the innocent look like a pro, but in this one, she isn't that innocent.

It calls itself a thriller, but it's central draw is the forbidden dangerous attraction between a Nazi soldier and a Jewish girl. I wouldn't categorize it as a thriller, since the war drama isn't the focal point of the story. It only sets the stage for the "love" story. "Love" because it's basically lust between strangers.

I have kind of mixed feelings about this one. If not for the nudity, I would say I recommend it.