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The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Courtroom drama is up my alley. That aspect alone is gripping for me as a viewer. The characters are watchable, the story is engaging, it sucks you in.

This movie's not going to change your life but it's an enjoyable crime/courtroom drama that left me doing searches for movies like it.

With this one it's not as easy to come up with stuff to say about the movie that doesn't give anything away.

It was confusing why the couple is divorced when they are still acting like a couple. Like if you like each other and have a child together and are doing married things together then why not just be married? Doesn't make a ton of sense.

Ryan Philippe does a good job playing the evil creep who plays innocent. Josh Lucas didn't have a ton of material to work with and is capable of so much more than what we saw here. Matthew McConaughey plays his typical slick, devil-may-care, card-up-my-sleeve, charmer.

It's an engaging, interesting, enjoyable watch, not deep-thoughts fodder for becoming a better version of yourself.

Would I watch it again? This was my second time watching it (first time was closer to its release date) so yes.

If you know of something decent in the same genre in the same vein of a character courtroom drama, light mystery/thriller, please let me know!

I have a better crime movie . The Devil's advocate with al pacino and keanu reeves. Both top actors and best crime movie of all times np

The Devil's advocate (1997)

Yup charlize Theron is there too !   Real classic crime movie all times np