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The Magic of the Written Word

The written word has drawn me in since I remember learning phonics.

We can not only think about things and think about our thoughts, but we can communicate those thoughts to other people by ordering letters in rows into this amazing thing called language.

I love languages and learning them. The connections between different languages and how words seem to be related across different languages in many cases just fascinates me.

I spent about a week or two learning letters, sounds, and words in a language completely new to me. Russian. It was so cool watching jibberish start to take on meaning. I left it after a bit since it was taking too much time and energy away from the language I've been learning for over a year, Spanish, and I didn't want to let Spanish go as I aspire to become conversationally fluent eventually.

Besides the intrigue of foreign languages, our own English itself holds unlimited treasures.

Poetry. Human interaction even in chat dialogue or text messaging. How-to books. Descriptive language. Stories, both from the human imagination and from the human memory.

Shapes on a page or a screen can take you places, make you feel things...

At this moment in time, I'm filled with wonder, amazement, and appreciation for words, for language, for the ability to hear the thoughts of others and express my own.

I want to stand under the great big sky and smile at it.