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The song that played OVER AND OVER on the radio on my 6 days of driving!

I spent 6 days driving around USA recently. I drove from the top to the bottom! And then back again. Our kitten came along.

I kept hearing a new song on the radio, over and over again. I liked it but didn't know what it was and then kind of forgot about it.

And about 10 days ago I got Duolingo for practicing Spanish, and one of the ads had these two singers covering that very song!

I think I like their version even better than the radio version.

Here it is!

The vast majority of music and poetry center on the human experience of falling in love and losing it.

The music is obviously immensely popular, since most everyone listens to some variation of it in some style.

Somehow it's "okay" to express intense emotions and intense pain in music but not in ordinary conversation.

people listen to this song on my youtube channel every hour

i'll be there

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