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The Stance of a Bully

The old Russian based Warcraft 2 server, RU, long held the stance that anyone should be allowed to do anything, including treating other people like garbage in various ways, as there is no moral right or wrong, and offended parties should suck it up or clear out.

The people who cleared out were not supposed to have another place to go. So, if you want to play Warcraft 2, you *have to* listen to talk about your mother being raped, you have to get banned from games by most hosts, you have to be okay getting disconnected on when you win, you have to be okay with nice people being banned, you have to be okay with getting called newb garbage and being told to kill yourself regularly. You have to be okay with your screen getting spammed while you're trying to play. You have to be subject to foul language and insults continually. If you want to play Warcraft 2.

You have to accept bullying and harassment from RU admins. You have to watch them protect their vile buddies, ignore SS requests from people they don't care about while banning nice people who are too new to W2 to have ever been asked for SS before by routinely vitriolic users who got mad they lost.

You have to accept it! Or else you're an oversensitive crybaby! Because there is no standard of right and wrong. Whoever is stronger or has power can do whatever they want to those who have less. Ha, ha, ha. Suck it up, losers!

But when those same RU bullies believed (wrongly) that their toxic refuse heap was being attacked by a stronger force (Tupac), they suddenly developed a moral conscience.

It's so wrong! Boohoo, how can he do this to us, and take our game from us, our server is broken and it was that evil Tupac and that evil BabyShark! Oh, boohoo, so evil people attacking us and ruining our lives! Our Warcraft 2 broke. We are sad, they are bad, bad people!

It wasn't even Tupac or me, but their sudden development of morals is rather humorous in the light of all the evil they condone and embrace routinely against brand new users, children, girls, and anyone who just wanted to play a game.

Well, not anymore is it true you have to embrace evil and vile behavior and power abuse to enjoy Warcraft 2.

Now you can play a game and just actually play the game.

Welcome to the Warcraft 2 that welcomes everyone, regardless of skill level. Welcome to the Warcraft 2 where you can just have fun. Welcome to the Warcraft 2 where you matter. Welcome to the Warcraft 2 where you're wanted.

Welcome to War2USA.