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Thoughts on Pain

When you're having a great time is a weird time to be thinking about pain.

But I am.

I'm thinking back on dark days, despair, lost friends, physical pain that feels unbearable like childbirth, and somewhat lesser pains like severe earaches and even lesser pain like a broken toe and still lesser pain like a stubbed toe and down to the ones you barely feel like scraping your leg on a thornbush while running or impaling your foot on a sharp stick, which happened to me yet again just days ago.

Flip flops are still my favorite footwear, hah. In spite of all the pain my feet have taken due to their flimsiness and lack of protection.

I remember a title of a work of literature I read in school.

Pain is Not the Ultimate Enemy.

And it's so true. Pain isn't really the problem.

Pain is telling you about a problem.

If you don't feel any pain, you could bleed out without noticing. You could keep running or crawling on bleeding knees or feet and get them full of rocks and germs and get infected and so on.

I remember hearing about a little girl who was born without the ability to feel pain.

She chewed up and destroyed her own tongue. She had to wear a helmet since she wasn't at all concerned about hitting her head on anything.

We need pain.

(to be continued)