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Three Violent People

I'll start with this confession. I had a major crush on Charlton Heston when I was 13. My brothers made fun of me since even though I watched old movies where he was a young man, by the time I was 13, he was a grandpa lol. So they laughed and told me I was in love with a grandpa. They didn't deter me one bit. I wrote him a letter telling him I like the way he chews in a movie and about a mistake in one of his movies, and was ecstatic when I got a reply. 😉

The public library back then had a program where you can suggest movies for them to acquire, and I believe this title was one of the ones I suggested a few decades ago. I don't know if they got it or not, but I never did get around to seeing Three Violent People UNTIL TONIGHT when I finally started watching it!

So far I was pleasantly surprised since I was expecting it to be a bit more bland, being a movie from the 1956.

So this very attractive young woman is about to steal a bag of gold from a man, but once she finds out he's kinda rich, she changes her plan and goes out of her way to tell him he's not her type and she doesn't want to marry him, clearly in a ploy to actually get him to marry her. It works. He super-rushes into it on account of her charms and feigned innocence in her gorgeous lady-like gowns.

I have yet to finish this movie, be continued lol.

OO yesterday i watched Nowhere Safe (2014) . Its like mini Braveheart with teenagers. 2 girls spread a total lie about a girl and everyone just followed  the romor instead of thinking by themselves. Yeah its good teenagers movie kinda mini braveheart. I rate movie 8.2/10 np