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Hi everyone! I am hosting a tournament March 20th  6 pm east time. I am doing this a friday so Europe people have more chance to play it too and 6pm is not too early for east time and midnight is not very late for europe people. So maps will be FOC and FOB those are 2 water maps and its a 2vs2 tournament. Each team gonna play each team twice ,  once on foc and once on fob. The team with most wins will win tournament and in case of tie the teams with equal ammount of  wins will fight each other at the end.




Hi Dragoneye, i have an ally but he-man, tofu, Babyshark, Megalodon , Ragner are still avalable i think

Heman available?

yup, probably best ally u can have on water np

What happened to "He-Man no challenge for me anymore" lol?

well im excluded since i already have an ally i promised my brother np

Water lovers!!!

Ring's Fierce Ocean 2v2 tournament is coming up soon, this Friday 6 pm EST!


This is tomorrow 6 pm EST! See you there!

2 maps Fierce Ocean Combat and Fierce Ocean Battle

Teams of 2 players

Come have some watery fun!


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