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War2USA 2 Year Anniversary Sept. 24!!

War2USA is approaching its second anniversary!!

It’s been a fantastic journey. I want to thank everyone who helps keep War2USA going, and all the players who keep coming to make it the best place on earth to play our favorite game ever, Warcraft 2!

Everyone plan to log in on September 24th in the evening and let’s see if we can beat our record for players logged in at once!

You are all awesome and appreciated!

Long live Warcraft 2 and War2USA!

Long live war2usa! Thanks for playing everyone. Thank you to blizzard for such a great game.

Thanks! Tupac Administrator

Sept. 24th isn't far away! Everyone plan to log in that evening to have an awesome time playing our favorite game!

2 years of awesomeness, tons of fun and laughs and wonderful people...we have so much to celebrate on the anniversary of War2USA!!

Moriouce has made 2 brand new 2nd Anniversay maps to be played that night!! So thank you to @Moriouce and I'm looking forward to it!

cant make it but woumd join