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When You Can't Have What You Want

I got a new phone over a year ago. I wanted the cover for it to be identical to the cover on my previous phone, and managed to find it, since I had sort of a sentimental feeling toward the pretty cover on my old malfunctioning phone.

I took my brand new phone on my trip to Florida a year ago. It had already been filled with lots of pictures and videos of family and our new kitten, and lots more were added as we spent fun days in Florida.

The morning of a group trip to Busch Gardens, I posted a Youtube video about an amazing rollercoaster catch of a phone that flew out of someone's pocket and was caught in midair. Here is a version of that remarkable catch:

Then while riding Cheetah Hunt later that same day with my phone in my pocket, my phone also flew out of my pocket and I lost it. Brand new phone and nowadays those things cost a fortune. Clearly didn't learn anything by watching the Youtube vid that morning lol.

I did consider putting it in the bins but thought it might get stolen. I filed a lost item report and called the park multiple times to ask if it had been found, but nothing.

The biggest loss was all my pictures and videos of my family, which was a bummer.

Anyways, I had to get a new phone.

Of course, I wanted an identical cover to the one that had been on the previous two phones, but that cover did not come in the size of the new phone I'd just bought.

Thinking back, I'm surprised how disappointed I felt over something that seems pretty trivial now. I had some silly sentimental attachment to the old cover look and I wanted the exact same. But it wasn't an option. Wasn't available.

I couldn't choose any other cover at the store at the time and looked for that same cover online also, but without luck.

I finally found a different cover that I love even more. And bonus, it glows in the dark.

It is prettier and better than the old cover, and I've grown attached to the new one since then.

Remembering all this has got me thinking about disappointments in life. It could be something small like a phone cover you can't have or something slightly more upsetting like losing around a thousand pictures of family you can never get back, or maybe something even bigger like a failed friendship or relationship with someone you wanted in your life or the death of someone you deeply loved.

Disappointment is a part of life.

Time helps. Little things, big things, life keeps moving forward and we have to, too.

There is always something new. There can be great things ahead, sometimes better than what you thought was the best thing.

I'm now glad I couldn't have the phone cover I wanted because I like my new one so much more.

I'm now glad about a devastating loss of a relationship from years ago that had me very broken up and hurting badly because I have something so much better.

I'm now glad about how awful it got for me at RU server even being persecuted by admins because what I have now is so, so much better.

Be open to the new. Maybe you can't have what you want right now, but one day in the future, you just might be looking back thankful that you couldn't.