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Why I Left RU


I generally want as little as possible to do with the toxic circus known as RU, but because a leader and admin of that community has once again baselessly gone after Tupac because he's annoyed with some other person or just generally unhappy with life, who knows, I'm going to say something.

Tupac has a well-paying full time job, goes to school, and takes care of a family on top of paying for and maintaining our awesome non-toxic server. In all the time I've known Tupac, he's been friendly, even to strangers, helpful, kind, patient, and has a playful sense of humor. He was treated horribly at RU when he was a kid, so if he has some dislike for some of those people, he has a very good reason. You can't judge a person's general character by how they behave after they've been beat in the face a few times with a shovel. Any normal person gets agitated when people are horrible and vile.

Woofy aka Dugs has some grievance with a character named Lance who allegedly sent his sister one or more unwelcome online messages years ago. I'm assuming he didn't actually lay a hand on her in real life, but that it was limited to online (psychological/emotional) harassment.

Dugs recognizes this behavior as wrong when it affects someone he sees as a human, someone he cares about.

When relentless online harassment was targeted at me a few years ago, he didn't care and didn't see any big deal about it. Under his leadership, I was treated less than human by a number of RU members, including himself, who after I had been mistreated over a long period of time to the point of suffering and agitation, suggested I be banned from RU community for complaining about behavior issues among RU users and pointing out apathy and corruption from admins who allowed despicable long-term harassment to continue for years.

Of course he will say the suffering I experienced isn't the same as his sister's. Online harassment of one female is fine, another not. Depending on whether you care about her or not. Human suffering is human suffering and Dugs isn't some sort of expert on human emotions who can accurately assess whose are more valuable than someone else's.

Dugs is one of a number of people who could have helped me, but chose instead to further mock and insult me, calling for my ban based on no grounds other than I criticized bad behavior of players and admins who allow it, making them responsible.

Most of the angry, toxic people commenting on the "ban them!" thread agreed that Tupac and I should be banned from RU, but no one had grounds for which to ban either of us. Tupac was accused without evidence. People just didn't want to read the truth I was writing about their bad behavior, therefore I should be banned. Dugs is seen here supporting and quoting people who called for me to be killed (ie. Shotgun).

I don't blame van and Leeroyjenkins for the environment at RU. There are nasty people everywhere and when they are dispersed like occasional peppercorns in an otherwise tasty soup, they are relatively easy to ignore. Once your bowl is full of peppercorns with next to zero soup content, you quickly lose your appetite.

It was the admins' responsibility to stop behavior that went way too far.

Leaders are responsible for protecting the people, and serving the people.

If they only use their power to their own advantage to punish people who personally offend them, they are acting as selfish tyrants.

I used to like Dugs. He grossly neglected his admin responsibilities and is partly responsible for the way I was treated and the suffering I endured at RU, because I genuinely cared about the community and a number of people there at the time.

I'm happy now. I have something so much better than RU ever was or ever will be. I'm not even angry at Dugs or any of the other clowns. If he showed up at USA server acting decent, I'd be fine gaming with him, talking with him. I'd treat him better than he treated me.

I'm just not gonna stand by while a RU leader attacks Tupac who has made it possible for me to play my favorite game in the world with amazing, fun people in a non-toxic, harassment-free environment where we just laugh and have a good time all the time.

I am so thankful to Tupac for what he's done for all of us and what he's given me.

Tupac is a genuinely caring and nice person, and if you see a different side of him (and we all have one), it's because you've been a butthead. I'm pretty sure he'd forgive you if you asked, though.