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Won't be home for tomorrow night after all 🙁

Hi @everyone,

So I lost my phone on a rollercoaster and have been locked out of email and Discord since they "don't recognize" other devices and my phone number was the recovery method and I can't get a new one until I get home.

Some real life stuff are keeping me away longer than expected, so I won't be home for tomorrow night (USA 1 Year anniversary) but I hope to get on with everyone once I'm back.


a lot of USA players have been showing their concern and gratitude for you. take your time. you can always postpone the official celebration.

i'll .wir for you if i get on later today.

Hey, there you are 🙂

I have to work tomorrow but I'm up for a game on Thursday (Wed night for you) if anyone's around.

Did you see your birthday map? I posted it in the main discord ... it probably on your phone somewhere lol

Uploaded files:
hf =D

Yeah, didn't you see my msges in Discord before I lost access lol?

Very sweet of you, thank you! We gotta play that sometime when I get back home. Still not sure when that will be! I know, I've been away forever.

Definitely a record for thumbs up for one post there, Lamb.

I am planning to come back eventually, so don't worry guys.

Be well, Babyshark 🙂

Take care! War2USA will be here.