Four Round FFA Tournament Coming Up

Everyone knows FFA games can end up with the strongest players hitting each other and someone else acquiring territory untouched, or with someone getting doubled fast and hard. It happens. This tournament is strictly for fun and enjoyment and we know these things happen to the best of em. This fun competitive arrangement will feature a point system, so even if you end up losing, you can still acquire points based on your performance. All participants will play 4 rounds with players potentially getting shifted around between the games between matches. The player who gains the most points wins the whole tournament.


Finish first place 3 points
Finish second place 2 points
Finish third place 1 point
First for kills 2 points
First for razings 1 points
First for gold 1 points
First for lumber 1 points
First for units 1 points
Second for kills 1.5 points
Second for razings 0.5 points
Second for gold 0.5 points
Second for lumber 0.5 points
Second for units 0.5 points
Every player you eliminate 1 point (you kill their last unit or building keeping them in game)

Round 1

If 8 or fewer contestants, all 8 will be in one game
If 9+ contestants, they will be evenly distributed based on order they are written down on arrival (order of arrival in channel) before first game and after each round so players may be getting moved around.
Shadowvine Forest Game 1 (1 2 3 4 9 11 13 15)
Shadowvine Forest Game 2 (5 6 7 8 10 12 14 16)

I don’t anticipate needing more than 16 spots, but a 3rd game can of course be added if needed.

Round 2
All You Need

Round 3

Round 4
Arctic Wheel