Sharkfight Scoresheet He-Man vs ring62

Sharkfight 1 Series

He-Man: 6 of 10
ring62: 4 of 10

Game 1 ring62 pick Friends, He-Man win
Game 2 He-Man pick HSC, He-Man win (game recording not avail due to TOFU crashing game with his newbie internet :))
Game 3 ring pick FOB, He-Man win (Replay here)
Game 4 He-Man pick Skull Isle, ring win (Replay here)
Game 5 ring pick GWN, ring win (Replay here)
Game 6 He-Man pick NWTR, ring win (Replay here)
Game 7 ring pick FOC, ring win (Replay here)
Game 8 He-Man pick No Way Out of this Maze, He-Man win (Replay here)
Game 9 ring pick Thawed POS, He-Man win (Replay here)
Game 10 He-Man pick Gold Rush, He-Man win

Sharkfight 2 Series

He-Man: 3 of 10
ring62: 3 of 10

Game 1 ring62 pick FOB, ring win (Replay here)
Game 2 He-Man pick PAM, TIE GAME (Replay here)
Game 3 He-Man pick 3v3Arena, ring win (Replay here)
Game 4 ring62 pick X Marks, He-Man win (Replay here)
Game 5 He-Man pick Medusa, He-Man win
Game 6 ring62 pick FOC, ring win (Replay here)
Game 7 He-Man pick GSEPS, He-Man win (Insighted July 29, 2020)

Game 2 HSC Failed recording (due to dropped users) game log substitute