**Our Amazing Champion stands UNDEFEATED!**

Will post some replays later.

We had a little bit of a mishap with the time, since I non-geniusly picked a day where Daylight Savings Time ends, so we lost some players because of that. Next time, I choose a day without a time change to keep things simpler lol. Sorry Werewolf. I accept responsibility for the issue with the time. You were one of the players who was on time and ready to go. I will forevermore avoid time change days for any events.

We ran out of time before all the maps got played, but we have a nice assortment of exciting fresh maps that did see some action.

Great White North

Frog Legs

Skull Isle


Honey Swamp

2 thoughts to “**Our Amazing Champion stands UNDEFEATED!**”

  1. The Champion was only delayed by 15ish minutes because of a misunderstanding about the time change when I told him about it, since when I msged him, he hurried back home – wish you’d stayed! Maybe you would have been the one to defeat him. Anyways, he’s getting an awesome t-shirt like this, only with his name personalized onto it:

    View post on imgur.com

    I’m starting to discuss the next events with my colleagues, probably for January.

    We are thinking of doing another Topple the Champion with our reigning Champion in the same style as this, only with an updated map list, and winning will require only 2 times beating the Champion in a row instead of 3.

    We are also looking at doing a Recreational League Level Champion event in early 2019 that will be open to players of similar skill level to myself and a little above (perhaps something like Max ELO 1400 or 1500).

    If you’d like to put input into these or other events, please feel free to share here or in the forums. 🙂

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