2 thoughts to “Brand New Tutorial Video: How Units Emerge from Buildings and Why It Matters”

  1. I just bought a new PC, is there anyway to download the full version and play?

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    You can download the USA client here: http://indyserver.ddns.net/Warcraft%20II%20USA.exe (This includes Russian Server, USA Server, and GOG server. GOG server requires CD-Key.)

    Or you can download the RU client from the Russian server here: http://en.war2.ru/downloads/
    And if you get the RU client and want to play on USA, just add the USA gateway from here: http://war2usa.com/index.php/downloads/
    Connecting to RU server removes USA server from PCs (without permission) so the reg file needs to be run again from downloads folder after connecting to RU while W2 is closed.

    RU has been around longer, but the server has a long history of being toxic and regularly banning new or unknown players from games.
    USA is approaching its 1 year anniversary and is friendly and welcomes new and old players who want to have a fun time playing Warcraft 2. We usually play several evenings a week at USA server and those are arranged through our Discord, which you are welcome to join, found here: https://discord.gg/yCgMzB5
    GOG W2 was released this year but had some tech issues when I tried it after purchasing it, such as messed up screen and players thrown into random channels alone instead of all into one channel, and also the few times I logged in there were not many games available.

    USA is the best place to play for people who want to enjoy themselves.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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