USA 1 Year Anniverary

Greetings to the wonderful USA community of Warcraft 2 fans! Tomorrow (Sept. 24, 2019) is the 1 year anniversary of War2USA.

It’s been a fabulous year. The games have been varied and fun. We’ve had many newcomers visit and join us. We’ve had a lot of laughs and so many great and exciting battles.

We appreciate every person who plays on War2USA and enhances the vibrant fabric of our friendly and amazing community.

Special thanks to Tupac for paying for and maintaining War2USA’s server and website.

Special thanks to ring62 who is top recruiter of the year. Thanks to everyone who recruited and helped newcomers figure out how to log in and to all who helped welcome and train newcomers!

Special thanks to Moriouce who is the most prolific map maker of the year. Thanks to all who have created fresh, fun, new maps for us all to enjoy, and to all who entered the contest! You guy keep amazing me over and over again!

Special thanks to tech support people easycompany, Lambchops, Tupac, Incos, PrinceValiant, and anyone else who helped with computer stuff.

I apologize for the delay in creating the map contest poll and for kind of vanishing for some time. I have lost my phone and am currently locked out of Discord and email. I should be able to fix that once I’m home.

I won’t be home tomorrow as some real life stuff has delayed me from heading back home.

I look forward to gaming with you all in the future and celebrating one amazing year of our friendly and delightful Warcraft 2 fan community.

Game on.

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