War2USA 50 New Players Playing 2019 Goal Surpassed!!!

I am happy to report that we have surpassed our 50 new player goal for 2019!! This includes only players that we did NOT see in 2018. So 50 NEW to War2USA players since January 2019! And we got more than 50 already halfway through November a month and a half before the end of the year!!

There were plenty more people that logged on who didn’t play, but I did not count players who only logged on, but counted only players that actually played. I believe each of these names is a unique individual, no repeats, and was careful to not include known smurf names of previous users. I also very likely missed a good number of players, so the actual number is higher than the ones I remembered to record.

Visit the War2USA forum for more details.

I want to thank each of you for playing on War2USA and contributing to making War2USA the best Warcraft 2 server on earth!!

Game on.

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